There are three aspects to Editing Information as Text. First is the raw text, second is the interpreter, and third is the editor.

In markdown, the raw text is allowed some affordances to make it easier to read and write which are not interpreted to have any significant meaning. For example, a single line break is allowed without breaking paragraphs if displayed as html. This can be thought of as Ephemeral Information.

Interpreters then derive meaning which would be hard and unecessary to maintain in raw text. For example, ordered lists, which are allowed to use any number in raw text, receive proper numbers derived from the actual relative position of items.

Editors are an interactive interpreter, which can help save derived meaning back to files so that the raw files are more legible than would be possible to maintain by hand. An editor can update the numbers in the raw file to match the interpreted order, or they can perform line breaking and word splitting.